They are both graduates of Boston University (that’s where they met!),and are extremely passionate about Public Health. He received his Masters in Public Health from Texas A& M, while she is currently pursuing it at Johns Hopkins University.

They both follow a personalized comprehensive care philosophy, treating patients as they would their own friends and family.

They strongly believe in the importance of continuing education and learn from the pioneers in the fields of Cosmetic Dentistry (Dr. Shah) and Implantology (Dr. Kashyap).

Dr. Shah actively advocates for oral health through the American Public Health Association & the Government Affairs Committee of the Mass Dental Society. She is also on the Board of the North Shore District Dental Society and is a Fellow for Life of the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship.

Dr. Aditya Kashyap is a Captain in the 455th medical company in the United States Army Reserve. They are both currently fellows in the First District Leadership Institute.

In their free time, Dr. Kashyap follows Liverpool Football (and every other sport on the planet) while Dr. Shah loves to read and cook! They also enjoy traveling, and are always looking for new recommendations of places, food and experiences. So, if you’ve been up to something fun, definitely tell them about it at your next appointment!

Anxiety Free Office

We know how nerve wracking it can be to come to the dentist, so we will take care of your smile while you relax in our judgement free zone. Enjoy hot or cold beverages while you wait to be seen, and once in the operatory you can listen to your favorite music or watch the latest on demand show. Stress- reducing amenities like blankets and aromatherapy will soothe and relax you during your time with us.

A Team that Cares

Every patient is unique, that’s why we offer personalized comprehensive care suited to your needs. Our team of doctors and staff will always treat you as family, so feel free to ask any questions you may have. We’ll strive to provide you with the best possible care without pressure, and advice without obligation.


Families are busy, and the last thing anyone wants to think about is scheduling a dental appointment. That’s why we open early and stay late to work around your active lifestyle. We also have some weekend appointments, so call us to see how we fit into your life!

Latest Technology

With our world-class equipment, we are able to accurately diagnose and treat all your oral health issues. Our intraoral cameras can show you cavities, and everything else in your mouth is real time.

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